Monday, March 1, 2010

4 new quilts.

This georgous quilt was made to use up the border print. The quilter fell in love with it and wanted to make a quilt using it. It worked out nicely, I love it. It has been quilted with a design called simply roses in an all over design.

This blue and white dresden plate quilt is the first quilt made by this customer .It is for her own bed. My customer wanted an all over design of flowers not too loose. Bloomingdale by Anne Bright was just right. I had fun quilting this one

A pair of bears wallhangings. These 2 wallhangings were hand appliqued by the owner and then I crosshatched the background and did some freehand in the applique to make it pop. The quilter made one for herself and one for her friend.Arent they sooo cute?

Hello. I am sorry I have been quiet lately Ihave been quilting up a storm and genarally too tired to blog when I have finished for the evening. Lets see if i can make up for lost time.

This cute quilt made just for the maker herself because she loved the fabric. I had a design made to compliment the flowers and the cat at the customers request. I think it looks great.Don't you?


kimbuktu said...

Very nice variety of quilts, the bears are cute! Wonderful workmanship too.

Bizarre Quilter said...

I love the cat and the bears... just wonderful to hear from you.