Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grandmothers Flower Garden

I hsve just finished quilting this lovely Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt for my customer. It has been quilted the same as in the book provided. I think it looks very nice. the fabric choices were terrific and I love the quilt.


bettyp said...

Beautiful job on this quilt!! You know ,I think this might be the first time I have seen the GMFG set this way with sashing.I love it!!

pirate said...

That is *awesome* outline quilting in the GFG blocks.

My jaw just dropped when I saw it and wondered how the heck you did that ... but then I saw that you have a computerized system. I don't think the quilting could have been done (at a reasonable cost) if done free-hand with a ruler.

Love the cross-hatching too. All in all, a wonderful job. Congratulations!

off-topic: my middle daughter is attending a semester at Edith Cowan University in Perth, WA and absolutely *adores* being in Australia. I told her that if she meets a nice Aussie boy, she must *bring him home* because I would miss her too much for her to relocate. :-)

Deep Creek Quilter said...

Hi Pirate, thank-you for your compliments. I may have a computerised system but I still have to place the points for the lines by moving the machine head and clicking on each corner point to give the computer the x and y axis points. This quilt took several days of 8 hour days to quilt. Probably the same amount of time as if I had used a ruler. Sometimes the process takes longer than freehand, but as you say I feel that it is worth it. I love what I do and again thank-you for your kind words. I hope your daughter is enjoying Perth .I live in Victoria and Perth is right across the other side of the country. I would have liked to invite your daughter around but it takes hours by plane or nearly a week by car to get here. I hope she meets a nice Aussie boy while here too.
kind regards