Monday, January 19, 2009

new quilts to see

This quilt is stunning. The aplique is hand stitched using blanket stitch and the blocks are machine pieced. It is so big I couldn't get a full view successfully. The quilt is custom quilted using designs created by Anne Bright in the borders and sashings, and handguided outline and stipple in the blocks. I used white thread in the blocks and the predominantly white border and light blue thread in the batic borders.
Love this quilt.

I am sorry the photo's
are a bit dark I have the blind down against the heat and forgot it may make the pics darker.
This is a lovely soft quilt in pinks,greens,and creams made from a thimbleberries design and quilted with a design called just roses by Deb Geisler, An american designer,with a very pale green cotton.. The quilt looks lovely


Bizarre Quilter said...

Wow! The quilting on the blue one really is special! The stipple really makes the blue stand out.


GARI said...

Your blue and white quilt is beautiful and the quilting is great.