Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bushfire Quilting.

The main part of this story is at the bottom.iIdon't know how to move things around yet. So please start reading at the bottom under the photos and then come back to the top.Thanks

The girls worked very hard and we were tired after 2 days of very hard work. But it was not all hard work there was much fellowship and fun as well.My sister Bev was in charge of catering and we had homemade biscuits and jellycackes for morning and afternoon tea and sausage rolls and mini quiches for lunch. Bev cleared away the dishes and kept up the cold drinks. On Wednesday Frieda provided marinated chicken wings, egg and bacon pies and salad followed by fruit salad and icecream for lunch and Bev kept up the morning and afternoon tea.They certainly know how to cook out here in the country.
These quilts will be delivered to Mary-Anne Rooney in Bendigo to be distributed personally to people involved in the fires.
Thanks girls what a great bunch of friends to have!!!!

What would you like to eat?

In the back are Sherrie and june who came over from Strathdale Quilters in Bendigo to help.

See story at bottom of photos.

Janet on the iron.

Jean,lesley and Frieda.See the pile of tops on the floor waiting to have backs paired up.

Helen at back and Trish sewing on bindings

Sandra trimming bindings and getting them ready to sew with Frieda measuring material for backings.

Hello ,we have had a horiffic time in Victoria with the bushfires. My family grew up in Bendigo just metres away from the fires there and friends lost everything.Lorraine from Quilters Bazaar in Gisbourne held four full days of workshops to make quilt tops for people involved in the fires at Bendigo. Victorian Textiles and Maxart kindly donated rolls of batting and these along with @ 30 tops and backing and 6 completed quilts were picked up and brought up to my studio in Carisbrook on Monday.I put the word around my local quilt group Daisy Hill Quilters and Busy Bees of Maryborough. and on Tuesday and Wednesday we had workshops to quilt and assemble the tops. We have 6 more completed quilts with 8 quilts going home with ladies to finish binding. I am quilting more tops this week and we will have another workshop on Wednesday of next week.The first lot of quilts will be delivered next week. I also mentioned it at my quilt group in Bendigo Strathdale Quilters and Sherrie and June came over and helped out on Wednesday. On Thursday at quilt group ,I was given 2 completed quilts and 6 more tops and backing to complete.


GARI said...

What a wonderful way to help.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Wow! It looks like everyone was working frantically (er.. does that word look right??)! It looks exciting!

Thank you.