Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Janets Custom Medalion

I had left my camera at a wedding and have not been able to post.
This is a lovely medallion quilt that I had the priveledge to quilt.I have used the computer to set 7 separate borders using blocks and 2 more for cornerstones. I also used the array sequences to create corner blocks for outer 2 borders.The outer border is straight lines 1 1/2"apart facing outwards.Then I took off the belts and freehanded around the apliques and freehanded background fills. This was fun.


Rashida Khanbhai said...


What a lovely quilt. Did you design this quilt on EQ? I love the applique work.

Deep Creek Quilter said...

Thank-you for your lovely comment. No Janet did not design the quilt it was made in a workshop with a group of people. I will get the name of the quilt and designer and post it for you and I have another to quilt using different fabrics and will pospictures of it when completed.