Thursday, April 15, 2010

variety is the spice of life.

OOps, I have now edited my post LOL Hello, I have been quilting up a storm lately,I have done a lonestar quilt and a stitchery quilt. I have no photos as my battery charger was playing up.I will have to ask my Dear Daughter,Lorraine from Quilters Bazaar to take photos when they are picked up so I can brag about them LOL.
Here we have a lovely quilt very suitable for the man in your life. The design is called day and night. The maker is in her 70's and still quilting up a storm.This lady has macula degeneration and is slowly going blind. She has finished another quilt since this one and it is in the queue. I quilted this with an all over design called in the moment.

This really cute baby quilt was made by a very excited grandmother to be .Trinza always does a beautiful job of her piecing and was no different with her applique A really lovely way to use up scraps or make an eye spy quilt.

This beautiful appliqued rose of Sharon is all hand pieced and needle turn applique. Esme always does a beautiful job and I love quilting for her. I used a cross hatch fill with trim behind the appliqued blocks and Point to Point diamond pattern in the red sashes.The outer border had a Dogwood rose design that complimented the applique.

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Bizarre Quilter said...

How wonderful!! Wuilter's Bazaar eh? Gee, talk about quilt to till you wilt!!

I love the light and dark in Frieda's square quilt. The rocking horse just dazzles with the variety of strips...

I love the cross-hatch fill behind the applique. It really makes it look special.