Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pink and Green

This is a lovely quilt using an E2E design of hearts and loops. This was made for my customers mothers 95th birthday. it was a real pleasure to do this one

Pink and green again.This seems to be the colour combination of the year. I must say that the variety of designs and materials that fit into this criteria are huge and the quilts are georgous.

This is a beautiful big quilt made by Heather in a workshop and quilted with a design called just roses.The piano key border finished this one off.
See what I mean about pink and green?


Made by Andrea said...

The quilts are beautiful! I just love the colour combination with pink and green. You are so lucky to be able to handle such gorgeous items every day! Hugs, Andrea

Bizarre Quilter said...

Yeah,I really like the quilt with the piano key border.