Friday, October 3, 2008

Two for perusal

Hi I forgot to post yesterday so today I will post about 2 quilts.
The first quilt is a lovely cosy flannel quilt made for a little girl. I have quilted it with an E2E design 0f flowers and using Creative Studio which is the new programme for the Statler Stitcher computerised system for my machine,I used the trim feature. This allowed me to trim the patterns around the houses and trees so no stitching actually went onto them at all and created a feature of the houses. It looked great when finished and the little girl loves it.

My next selection for today is this beautiful mystery quilt made by my daughter from a block of the month mystery by Cathy Stevenson.

I custom quilted this one using designs from several international designers and some of the patterns which I received with my Gamil optimum+ with Statler Stitcher whic shall be named Fred,and known as Fred from now on. LOL.

I loved doing this quilt the challenge was exciting and I think the finished product is fabulous.

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Bizarre Quilter said...

OOh, you've got a good photo of the mystery quilt Mum!!

Don't worry if you miss a day... it won't matter!!